Wow!!!! Now that was deep, brilliant, thought-provoking, and I felt the same chills reading it as I did discussing it with you over the phone!! – PD, Chicago

This was a very good book by a man of great wisdom. Mr. Walker has some interesting ideas (some that most probably had never often thought about), yet he gathers his evidence from God’s Word. He is a very deep thinker who loves Jesus Christ and who greatly respects God’s Word. I didn’t agree entirely upon Mr. Walker’s premises, but he does a wonderful job of sharing his thoughts based on God’s Word. Highly recommend this work. John Tindle – Four and a half Stars

This is an excellent book for Bible study. It is one which brings Biblical truths into a new perspective. Five Stars – Goodread Reviewer

This book was interesting to read. It made me think about my thoughts and feelings on a few issues. Some of it I thought was nice in theory, but I can never see myself believing it even though I am a Christian. And, parts of the book I could totally relate to because I have had similar experiences. It is a book that is worth reading because it is well thought out and enjoyable. I would have definitely picked this book to read if it was at a library because it’s artsy cover would have drawn me to it and I like to read books where I learn something. This book will teach you something if you let it. ( Five Stars )

This was a great book. It was easy-to-read and straightforward. The author clearly explains Christian and biblical messages without being too preachy. This is definitely a must read for anyone who needs to reaffirm his or her faith or anyone looking to become a Christian for the first time, but needs more information and advice. (Five Stars )

Thomas Walker’s book is an excellent read for those not sure what they believe in or those already immersed in a relationship with Him. It is based on Scripture and God’s Word with many lessons and creative chapters. Receiving this as an advanced copy in the mail was exciting; the personal note was a great touch! Four Stars

This book is very inspirational. Being a person that has had a lot of faith and then lost that faith due to trials in life this book is a tool that I can use on my journey back to the LORD. I love that the author Mr. Thomas Walker, tells you about how he didn’t believe in traditional religion, and how a group of people that prayed for him caused him to change his views and helped him find GOD. I also like how all the chapters kind of play off of each other; it’s like they pick off where the last one left off to help answer some of our everyday questions. Five Stars
If you are going thru hard times and you have a question for GOD that you think he’s just not answering, I’m pretty sure if you opened this book (which also gives the books/chapters in the bible where you can find the answers)you will be able to set your mind at ease. Five Stars

Wow!!!! Now that was deep, brilliant, thought-provoking, and I felt the same chills reading it as I did discussing it with you over the phone!! – PD, Chicago

In light of the truth you set forth, if someone was to debate you, they must come up with a better explanation that brings more closure to the subject than what you wrote. I doubt very seriously if they can. And if they do’ I’d like to read it.  🙂 – PD, Chicago

Thanks for your diligence in thoroughly searching out this matter. I applaud your efforts! – PD, Chicago

I found this portion of your paper well-researched and highly readable – a marvelous fusion of faith and scholarship. – First Editing