Seeking Wisdom From God – author Thomas H. Walker

From the single, pure, infallible truth of Jesus Christ from which Christianity was born, the religion has since splintered into an overwhelmingly vast number of denominations, each laying claim to the firm truth of its doctrine. This situation can sow confusion for modern-day Christians as they wrestle with complex questions about spirituality and morality. In light of these challenging circumstances, first-time author Thomas Walker draws on his own spiritual wakening as well as a probing knowledge of Scripture to bring some clarity to the confusion and offer a fresh, daring perspective to old questions.

The author engages with well-known Biblical parables and teachings, establishing his bold but well-defended position that today’s Christians should reorient themselves away from the arcana of denominations and church leaders and toward a strong, personal, one-on-one relationship with God. He argues passionately for abandoning an over intellectualized or misleadingly scholastic approach to biblical matters, asserting that the only way to understand God is spiritually rather than intellectually. But by no means does that position suggest that Walker is careless with his research or analysis; indeed, he draws on a range of texts to support his argument, which a number of pastors have described as refreshingly eye-opening and insightful.

Walker serves as Senior Vice President with a church design and construction firm, helping oversee numerous church building projects. He possesses a M.B.A. from Indiana Wesleyan University.  This book is the author’s first and has the potential to lift the veil and revolutionize the thinking of Christians everywhere. Amidst chaos comes order, and truth from misconception under the humble authority and incisive mind of Thomas Walker.

– David, First Editing