The Plumb Line

The Plumb Line
‘For know this’, says God, ‘As it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual. Know that the plumb line of the world says, that the crooked is straight, and the straight is crooked. Too many Christians are trying to use the worlds plumb line and standards in the church, and then say it looks right.  But everything is wrong, when you build your life and ministry with the world’s standards.  You need to use God’s plumb line, the Word of God, as your standard.’

‘For yea, I the Lord desire to do some major demolition work in your lives, and in others, only some minor work. Yea, in some churches and ministries, there are some organizational “structures” that don’t belong there and should be torn down, because they are hindering my progress’.

‘I want to uproot, tear down and destroy your worldly foundations, and then plant and build your life and ministry in God.’

‘I want to build, increase and expand. But to build more, a deeper foundation must be laid for a greater building. And that means we must first tear down the old building, dig up the old limited foundation and lay a new foundation for a ten-story ministry instead of a one-story ministry.’

‘If you will allow me to use my plumb line, the Word of God, I will build and plant your life and ministry bigger, better and stronger than before’, says the Lord.